Weather Update for Jammu & Kashmir: Next 10 Days

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Weather Update for Jammu & Kashmir: Next 10 Days

Weather Update for Jammu & Kashmir: January 31 to February 12, 2024

Forecast Overview

The weather in Jammu & Kashmir from January 31 to February 12, 2024, promises a mix of conditions, ranging from cloudy skies and the likelihood of rain or snow to periods of dry weather. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the expected weather:

January 31 to February 1:

Expect generally cloudy conditions during the daytime with a potential for light to moderate rain or snow across various parts of Jammu & Kashmir. Late afternoon and evening onwards until the morning or forenoon of February 1, there’s a chance of heavier snowfall in the higher reaches of North, Northwestern, and South Kashmir. Lower reaches and plains may receive significant snowfall, with predictions of 6-8 inches in some areas of North, Northwestern, and South Kashmir and 2-4 inches in the plains of Central Kashmir.

February 2:

The weather is expected to be generally dry, with the possibility of very light snow in isolated higher reaches.

February 3-4:

Anticipate the potential for light to moderate rain or snow in many places across Jammu & Kashmir.

February 5-12:

A shift towards generally dry weather is expected during this period.

Advisory: Road Closures and Travel Precautions

Due to intermittent light to moderate snowfall over the past three days in higher reaches, significant snow accumulation has occurred in North and Northwestern parts of Kashmir Division. This has led to temporary road closures in higher reaches and important passes. Travelers are strongly advised to plan their journeys accordingly, taking into consideration the weather conditions and potential disruptions.

Meteorological Significance

The recent snowfall has contributed to varying depths of accumulation across the region. Higher reaches have experienced substantial snowfall, prompting caution for those planning travel routes through elevated areas. It is crucial for residents and travelers alike to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and advisories to ensure preparedness and safety.

In conclusion, the weather in Jammu & Kashmir during the specified period showcases the diverse climatic conditions characteristic of the region. Residents and visitors should remain vigilant, especially in light of the recent snowfall and its impact on transportation. Stay informed and exercise caution while navigating through the dynamic weather patterns in this beautiful region.

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