Shillong Teer Night Result 21 Feb

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Shillong Teer Night Result 21 Feb

Shillong Teer  Night Result  21 Feb –  If you’re a Teer enthusiast looking for the latest updates on Teer Night Results, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we provide you with a wide overview of the Shillong teer night game, night teer result, and frequently asked questions to improve your teer gaming experience

NOTE: The Night Teer Result is announced in two rounds at 11:10 PM and 12:10 PM daily.

Shillong Teer Evening Night Result Overview

Name Teer, Shillong
Category Lottery
State Meghalaya
Ticket Price Rs. 300 – Rs. 500
Winning Prize Rs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000
Authorized By State Govt.


About Night Teer Result:

Shillong Night Teer, aka night teer or teer night result, is a popular traditional archery-based lottery game played in the enchanting hills of Meghalaya.

Organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association, this game adds an element of thrill and chance to the lives of many eager players. The game takes place daily, excluding Sundays, with two rounds of archery determining the outcome.

The First and Second Rounds(Night Teer):

In the first round, skilled archers take aim at the target, sending a flurry of arrows in the hope of hitting the mark.

The second round follows suit, and the combined total of arrows hitting the target determines the Teer Night Result for the day. Participants place bets on the numbers they believe will emerge victorious, adding an element of anticipation to the game.

Teer Night Result Announcement:

The results of the Shillong Night Teer are typically announced in the evening, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day.

As the numbers are revealed, participants eagerly check to see if their predictions have come true. Our page is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to the latest Teer Night Results, ensuring you stay in the loop.

Daily Updates:

To keep you well-informed, our page is updated daily with the most recent Night Teer Result. Whether you’re a seasoned Teer player or a curious newcomer, you can rely on us for accurate and timely information on the outcomes of this thrilling game.

Dates FR(First Round) SR(Second Round)
20-02-2024 47 64
19-2-2024 Morning  71 51
18-2-2024 off off
17-2-2024 87 73
16-2-2024 88 74
15-2-2024 61 85
14-2-2024 88 91
13-2-2024 33 88

Shillong Teer Morning Result Culture

Shillong Teer isn’t just a game; it’s a part of the culture in Shillong.

1. Teer Associations

  • In Shillong, Teer isn’t played in isolation; it’s organized by Teer associations. These associations bring people together to enjoy the game and make sure everything works fine. They set everything from managing the betting counters to creating a sense of community.

2. Role in Shillong’s Social Fabric

  • Shillong Teer is more than just arrows and targets; it’s woven into the city’s social fabric. People from different backgrounds come together at the Teer counter, creating a sense of unity and togetherness. It’s a place where friends meet, stories are shared, and bonds are formed.

3. Traditional Beliefs and Rituals

  • Shillong Teer has its share of beliefs and rituals. Many believe that the Teer result is influenced by nature and dreams. People often observe specific rituals before placing their bets, seeking luck and blessings from the spirits.

4. Teer and Festivals

  • Teer is not limited to daily games; it plays a major role in local festivals. During festivals like Shad Suk Mynsiem, Teer competitions are grandly celebrated. It adds an extra layer of excitement and festivity to these cultural events.

5. Bridging Generations

  • Shillong Teer bridges the generation gap. It’s a tradition passed down from elders to youngsters. Grandparents share their Teer experiences with grandchildren, passing on the enthusiasm and love for the game.

6. Teer and Music

  • Music is an integral part of Shillong’s culture, and Teer games often feature live music performances. The lively tunes add a vibrant touch to the Teer experience, making it a unique cultural blend of sports and entertainment.

7. Respect for Archers

  • Archers in Shillong are not just players; they are local heroes. People admire their skills and dedication. The Teer culture pays homage to these archers.
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