New Train Timing Kashmir 2023-2024 Train Timetable kashmir

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New Train Timing Kashmir 2023-2024 Train Timetable

New Train Timing Kashmir 2023-2024 Train Timetable Train timing for Kashmir 2023

New Train Timing Kashmir 2023-2024: Train Timing For BANIHAL-BUDGAM-BARAMLLA Section in Kashmir to be operating from 7:15 AM to 6:20 PM.

Baramulla to Banihal Train Timing 2023-2024

1 Baramulla to Banihal 07:00 AM   08:00 AM 09:15 AM 10:15 AM  11:30 AM  02:10 PM  04:00 PM 05:00 PM 06:30 PM
2  Budgam to Banihal 07:00 AM   08:02 AM   09:04 AM   10:17 AM٫  11:20 AM 12:32 PM   03:20 PM    05:00 PM   06:05 PM  
3 Srinagar to Banihal 07:13 AM   08:15 AM   09:20 AM  10:30 AM 12:46 PM   03:43 PM   05:24 PM   06:19 PM  
4 Anantnag to Banihal  08:08 AM   09:17 AM   10:27 AM  11:27 AM   01:44 PM   04:40 PM   06:38 PM   07:18 PM

Banihal to Budgam/Baramulla Train Timings 2023-2024

1 Banihal to Baramulla 07:00 AM  07:55 AM  09:15 AM   11:25 PM 01:25 PM   03:00 PM   04:30 PM   05:50 PM (upto Budgam)  
2 Anantnag to Baramulla  07:45 AM   08:40 AM   10:07 AM   12:20 PM   02:08 PM   03:45 PM   05:15 PM    06:40 PM (upto Budgam)
3 Srinagar to Baramulla 08:50 AM   09:44 AM 11:06 PM 01:26 PM   03:07 PM   04:47 PM   06:21 PM   07:42 PM (upto Budgam)
4 Budgam to Baramulla 06:45 AM   08:05 AM   09:05 AM   10:18 AM   11:30 AM 01:55 PM  03:30 PM   06:45 PM

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Facilities at Srinagar Railway Station

Booking Counters: At Srinagar Railway Station, passengers can conveniently book tickets at the booking counters located inside the station premises. The booking counters are operational during specific hours and are staffed by trained personnel who can assist passengers with their ticketing needs. Passengers can purchase tickets for various classes of travel, including general, sleeper, and air-conditioned coaches. In addition to booking tickets, passengers can also make inquiries about train schedules, availability of seats, and fares. The booking counters accept payment in cash, as well as through various digital payment options.

Toilets: The Srinagar Railway Station has clean and well-maintained toilets for its passengers. The toilets are equipped with all the necessary amenities. The toilets are cleaned and maintained regularly by trained personnel to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. The toilets are equipped with modern facilities such as running water, hand dryers, and adequate lighting.


There are currently only 2 Routes on which trains run. One is Banihal to Baramulla & other is Baramulla to back Banihal. On these Routes you have more than 15 stations which can be pick or drop location of passengers. You can check arrival & departure timings of trains on different stations in below tables with Location name written on left side of table.

Note: Always check other sources for updated information, Timings may change or delay at any time, we don’t have live updates.

Note. Trains can be late or be cancelled depends upon conditions.

Disclaimer: JK Update is not responsible for any wrong timings as this data can be overdate over time. therefore, please check latest updated information with the railways.