J&K Bank Kisi ka Bap Ka Nhi Hai LG Manoj Sinha Said

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J&K Bank Kisi ka Bap Ka Nhi Hai LG Manoj Sinha Said

J&K Bank Kisi ka Bap Ka Nhi Hai LG Manoj Sinha Said  Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today launched a blistering attack on previous rulers of Jammu and Kashmir, albeit without naming them, saying Article 370 of the Constitution of India had primarily benefitted those residing on a “special road”, who accumulated millions without doing any business, job, agriculture or making any effort.

The “special road” obviously means Gupkar Road though the Lieutenant Governor didn’t mention it by name but the indications were enough in his 20-minute speech while addressing a function ‘Ghar-Ghar KCC Abhiyan & Swarozgar Utsav’ here this afternoon.
Sinha said after Article 370 (granting special status to erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir) was abrogated in August 2019, a fake narrative was woven, recounting benefits of the Article.
“Countless narratives were spun to mislead the common people. Article 370 had indeed favoured only those few individuals who, forming a group over time, were plundering the chariot of development,” he said.
Asserting that Article 370 had primarily benefitted those residing on a “special road” ( a reference towards Gupkar Road, Srinagar), the Lieutenant Governor said that they annually accumulated millions.
“Through generations, none in their family had taken up a job, engaged in business, or pursued agriculture. Yet opulent palaces stand, leaving not only the people but even the leading businessmen astonished. Wealth is also present abroad. Year after year, questions arise about the source of this money,” Sinha said in a major attack on previous rulers of Jammu and Kashmir.

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YEH Bank Kisi ka Bap Ka Nhi Hai LG Manoj Sinha Said

He said the funds sent by the Central Government and meant for common man were used to sustain a lavish style by some.
Besides, he said, Article 370 also kept the conflict industry alive, exploiting it to crush many aspirations. However, a historic decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi dismantled these narratives, bringing a significant change in Jammu and Kashmir, he added. The PM’s decision saved dreams and aspirations of lakhs of people, he asserted.
“Same thing they did with Jammu and Kashmir Bank also. Houses were raised abroad not from anything else. You can understand my indication,” Sinha said.
“I personally believe that there are three pillars of Jammu and Kashmir—women, youth and farmers. The abrogation of Article 370 marked the complete rise of these three powers. The decision to abrogate Article 370 was needed and now we are moving forward on the path of progress,” Sinha said.
Continuing his attack on previous rulers, he said: “Yeh Bank Kisi Kay Baap Ka Nahin Hain, Yeh Jammu and Kashmir Kay Aam Aadmi Ka Bank Hai. Jammu and Kashmir Ki Janata Ka Bank Hai (this bank isn’t anyone’s personal property. This Bank is of common man of Jammu and Kashmir. This Bank is of Jammu and Kashmir’s people),”.

He added that the Jammu and Kashmir Bank should work for the interests of the people of J&K.
He said Jammu and Kashmir Bank was in Rs 1200 crore loss in 2019-2020. And, now after four years, the Bank is in the profit of Rs 1200 crore which will go up to Rs 1500 crore next year, he added.
Similarly, the Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of Jammu and Kashmir Bank were 11.4 percent in 2019 which have come down to 4.38 percent in 2023.

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