Tourist Places in Jammu

Tourist Places in Jammu and Kashmir
Tourist Places in Jammu

Jammu & Kashmir has played a significant role in the development of India. It has remained a major tourist attraction for many epochs. Many historians have left a trail of words in the praise of this beautiful land. Its beauty is so exquisite that some has compared this land to heaven and some has explained its genesis by giving credit to some divine intervention.

This is a land which is a most sought after destination in the world even in these modern times. Terrorism which infested this land since 1980s has hindered the pace of development by putting break on the influx of tourists. Since then tourism Industry in J&K has not grown with the rate it should have grown.

In a land mark decision on 5th of August 2019 that the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir would split into two Union Territories viz. Jammu and Kashmir & Ladakh and with the passage of Jammu and Kashmir Act Reorganisation act on 31st October 2019 hopes that the tourism in the UT shall flourish has resuscitated again.

Many things were planned by the Govt. of India for the infrastructure development in the region but outbreak of COVID-19 has threw cold waters on all the plans. There are two regions in the UT now and Pir-Panjal Range is separating these two divisions Jammu and Kashmir.

Sad Story of Jammu Region

Kashmir which is a hotbed of terrorist activities and separatist ideology will take longer time to develop despite the fact that major portion of money that goes into the coffers for its development and everyone knows that.  But the fact that Jammu division which can give high Returns on Investment (ROI) and hence can develop rapidly is suffering badly because of its proximity with the Kashmir is not given a second thought since independence.

Today major decisions are taken in the name of Kashmir and this name has crept in the minds of many to such an extent that even a thing of Jammu when crosses the boundary of UT it becomes a Kashmiri thing.

There are many Tourist attractions in the Jammu regions of UT and this blog will explore some of these by naming it District wise. There should not remain an iota of doubt in the minds of naysayers that Jammu region has nothing to offer.

There are 10 Districts in the Jammu region and here are the names of some tourist destinations which can develop exponentially if proper attention is given by the authorities on time.

City of temples, Jammu

Jammu district is the biggest of all. Also called City of Temples it has many picturesque locations to offer. Akhnoor fort being a historic location is not maintained for touristic attractions and in Manda Zoo one cannot see variety of animals which people expect to see. If properly managed and looked into these two areas can work wonders in the district. Authorities should revamp many other historical buildings as well and put it for public to see. Here are some names of the places with great tourist potential.

  • Amar Mahal Palace
  • Manda Zoo
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Sidhra Golf Course
  • Mubarak Mandi Palace
  • Akhnoor Fort
  • Ranbireshwar Temple


It would not be wrong if you call Samba a place of migrant labourers. Many industrial units have opened in the region which are giving boost to the development. It is also a historic place with great sightseeing spots. Chichi Mata in the Samba region is major religious tourist attraction. Here is a list of some other important places which you must visit if you are in the Samba District.

  • Shri Narsingh Dev Ji Temple
  • Baba Singh Goria Shrine
  • Utterbehani
  • Baba Chamlyal
  • Chichi Mata
  • Purmandal


Carved out of Poonch District in 1968 this district is a place where people from varied cultures live together viz. Gojri, Pahari, Dogri and Kashmiri. It is a place of great historical interest. Thanamandi, Shadhra Sharief, Lal Bauli are few to name. If you are planning your visit to this district here are some of the major potential places you should visit.

  • Mangla Devi Fort
  • Thanamandi
  • Dehra Ki Gali
  • Shadhara Sharief
  • Akal Darshini Lake
  • Manma Mata Temple
  • Lal Bauli
  • Chani Prat Temple


Udhampur is a place where headquarters of Northern Command of Army are located. It is also a place of major historical buildings. Sheesh Mahal and Krimchi Temple are the two best examples to cite. Mansar lake is a major flourishing spot in the region. Here are some other major attractions which are of great histirical interest:

  • Mansar Lake
  • Krimchi Temple
  • Patni Top
  • Siar Baba
  • Agar Jitoo
  • Babore Temple
  • Bhimgarh Fort
  • Pingla Devi Shrine
  • Kalika Temple
  • Sheesh Mahal


This place is an historic one. It is believed that this town was formed by Raja Bhimdev in the 8th century AD. It is the oldest town of Jammu and Kashmir UT. There are many prominent religious sites in this District. Famous Vaishno Devi Yatra happens in this region. Other than that there are also many other places which are famous and worth visiting. Here is a list of some names:

  • Vaishno Devi
  • Bhairo Baba Temple
  • Nau Devi Temple
  • Dera Baba Banda
  • Katra Railway Station
  • Shiv Khori
  • Baba Dhansar
  • Siyad Baba Waterfall


Located in the lap of Pir Panjal Range this district was created on 1st of April 2007. Shyama Prasad Mukher Ji Tunnel (Chennai Nashri Tunnel) connects Chenani in Udhampur Distrct with Nashri in Ramban. It is one of the longest Tunnel in Asia. There are many touristic spots in the region. Virgin meadows and lakes are boon in this region. Here is a list of some major tourist attractions which can work wonders if proper attention is given for their development.

  • Dagan Top
  • Tatta Pani (Sangal Dan)
  • Sanasar
  • Tanj Maidan
  • Chenani Nashri Tunnel
  • Thandichowa
  • Sheep Breeding Farm


Kathua is known for its exquisite Basholi Hill Paintings. Basholi is a town in Kathua District and miniature Pahari paintings found in this town are highly acclaimed. These paintings have later on spread to other regions viz. Kangra, Chamba, Mankot, Mandi and are artistically prolific. It would not be wrong if you call these paintings as the first school of Pahari Paintings. Moreover, there is a cable bridge called Atal Setu in the Basholi town which is also a major touristic attraction. Here is a list of many other such places:

  • Sukrala Mata
  • Ranjit Sagar Dam
  • Basholi Bridge
  • Mata Bala Sundri
  • Duggan Valley
  • Gurdwara Singh Sabha
  • Asha Purni Mandir
  • Narsingh Ji Temple
  • Sapt Sarover Mandir


Kishtwar is the largest district of the UT. Also it is the least populous district of UT. It is widely known for its high quality Saffron and world class Sapphires all across the world. Machail Mata Yatra which is the 3rd largest Yatra of the UT happens in the Paddar subdivision of Kishtwar District. Sapphire Mines which were discovered in 1881-82 AD are still considered to be possessing 700 crores worth of Sapphires. The most unfortunate thing is that there classified Sapphire Mines are still not connected with the motor-able road. Here is a list of other major potential attractions in the area:

  • Machail Mata (Paddar)
  • Surya Temple ( Nagseni, Savya Draman)
  • Chowgan
  • Mughal Maidan
  • Sinthan Top
  • Tatta Pani ( Paddar)
  • Bhandarkoot
  • Kishtwar National Park


Poonch is the most volatile District of J & K Union Territory. It is surrounded by LOC ( Line of Control ) from three sides. It has a rich cultural heritage. The caravans of Mughals used to travel through this district and therefore the road through which they used to traverse is called Mughal Road to this date. Gojri and Poonchi are the main languages spoken in this area. Buddha Amarnath is a major attraction in the District and considered as the most sacred placed by the Hindus. Here is a list of other such potentail places:

  • Noori Chamb
  • Surankote Temple
  • Dehra Gali
  • Buddha Amarnath
  • Sawami Buddha Amarnath Ji Mandir
  • Panj Pir
  • Girgam Dhole
  • Nangali Sahib Gurudwara


Doda District can become a hub of tourism in the UT. Bhaderwah and Gondoh are two beautiful subdivisions of Doda District. Lush green meadows and big booming brooks are a major attraction. Bhaderwah can top all the lists given so far. There are many religious places and cultural festivals which are unique to this region. Here is a list of some of the major potential tourist attractions which are seeking Government’s intervention for its development:

  • Dessa Valley
  • Padri Dhar
  • Telli Garh
  • Jai Valley
  • Vasuki Nag Temple
  • Lal Draman
  • Gotha Lake


A short description about the hurdles that major touristic areas of these districts are facing would have described the story best.  A few places have received Govt. support for their development rest of them are still backward and craving for their infrastructure development. There are meadows in certain Districts of Jammu Division which are nothing less than that of Kashmir but there are no tourist huts or accommodation facility for tourists, there are snow fields but no infrastructure development which can promote skiing. We will be dealing with all these aspects of these places in the upcoming articles when we shall deal with these districts separately.



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