Shillong teer result morning: 15 May Know the latest Result

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Shillong teer result morning: Know the latest Result 15 may

Shillong teer result morning: –  The Khanapara Teer lottery Shillong Teer morning results hold a special place in the world of games and chances. This unique game is deeply rooted in the culture of Shillong and is more than just numbers. It’s a tradition that has fascinated both locals and outsiders.

Shillong teer result morning:

Name Teer, Shillong
Category Lottery
State Meghalaya
Ticket Price Rs. 300 – Rs. 500
Winning Prize Rs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000
Authorized By State Govt.

NOTE: The Shillong Morning Teer Result is announced in two rounds at 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM daily.

Shillong Teer Result for Previous Day

Known as Assam Teer or Guwahati Teer, this game boasts a prestigious status among India’s teer games, alongside Shillong Teer and Juwai Teer. Each day, a considerable crowd engages eagerly in this teer event, participating and observing with enthusiasm. The management of shooting clubs and the betting procedures are overseen by the Khasi Hills. Skilled participants capable of accurately predicting numbers have the opportunity to win significant sums of money.

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Last Previous Days teer Shillong Morning Results List

Date FR ( First R) SR ( Second R)
21-2-2024 16 74
20-2-2024 39 29
19-2-2024 66 48
18-2-2024 off off
17-2-2024 79 09
16-2-2024 44 64
15-2-2024 26 58
14-2-2024 16 80
13-2-2024 36 73
12-2-2024 54 43
11-2-2024 OFF OFF
10-2-2024 02 07
9-2-2024 65 80
8-2-2024 81 21


Shillong Morning Teer is also called Archery. It is a game that combines the skill of archery with the thrill of betting. It’s a tradition in Shillong’s culture that attracts players and spectators alike.

Shillong Teer Morning Rules

Morning Teer is a game of precision and anticipation. Here are the basic rules that make it so intriguing:

Target Selection: The game begins with selecting two targets, usually between 0 and 99. These numbers represent the potential outcomes.

Archery Process: Skilled archers take aim at the targets and shoot a total of 30 arrows in two rounds. The arrows must hit the targets with accuracy.

Game Time

Timing is crucial in Morning Teer:

Morning Ritual: As the name suggests, Morning Teer is played in the early hours, usually between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM.

Daily Routine: For many locals, visiting the Teer counter to place their bets is a daily ritual. The results are announced later in the day, adding an element of anticipation.

Betting and Winnings

Ticket Purchase: Players buy tickets with their chosen numbers and place their bets before firing the first round of arrows.

Winning Numbers: After both archery rounds, the winning numbers are determined by the number of arrows that hit each target.

Prize Distribution: Players who predicted the correct outcome receive handsome payouts, making it not just a game of chance but also a skill.

Shillong Teer Morning Result Culture

Shillong Teer isn’t just a game; it’s a part of the culture in Shillong.

1. Teer Associations

  • In Shillong, Teer isn’t played in isolation; it’s organized by Teer associations. These associations bring people together to enjoy the game and make sure everything works fine. They set everything from managing the betting counters to creating a sense of community.

2. Role in Shillong’s Social Fabric

  • Shillong Teer is more than just arrows and targets; it’s woven into the city’s social fabric. People from different backgrounds come together at the Teer counter, creating a sense of unity and togetherness. It’s a place where friends meet, stories are shared, and bonds are formed.

3. Traditional Beliefs and Rituals

  • Shillong Teer has its share of beliefs and rituals. Many believe that the Teer result is influenced by nature and dreams. People often observe specific rituals before placing their bets, seeking luck and blessings from the spirits.

4. Teer and Festivals

  • Teer is not limited to daily games; it plays a major role in local festivals. During festivals like Shad Suk Mynsiem, Teer competitions are grandly celebrated. It adds an extra layer of excitement and festivity to these cultural events.

5. Bridging Generations

  • Shillong Teer bridges the generation gap. It’s a tradition passed down from elders to youngsters. Grandparents share their Teer experiences with grandchildren, passing on the enthusiasm and love for the game.

6. Teer and Music

  • Music is an integral part of Shillong’s culture, and Teer games often feature live music performances. The lively tunes add a vibrant touch to the Teer experience, making it a unique cultural blend of sports and entertainment.

7. Respect for Archers

  • Archers in Shillong are not just players; they are local heroes. People admire their skills and dedication. The Teer culture pays homage to these archers.
  • Shillong Teer Result Today Know the latest Result


  • Direct Numbers: 96, 10, 76
  • House: 8, 5
  • Ending: 4, 2


  • Direct Numbers: 95, 38, 39
  • House: 5, 4
  • Ending: 8, 0


  • Direct Numbers: 10, 78, 20, 81
  • House: 2, 7
  • Ending: 0, 8

Khanapara Teer Morning Result Today Live,

Associated with Khanapara Teer, the Teer Result presents a lottery-style game where ticket holders can try their fortune with numbers from both the first and second rounds. The outcome depends on the total number of arrows released in each round. In line with the guidelines set forth in the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act, this teer lottery is officially recognized and functions under legal oversight.

Khanapara Teer Result for Previous Day’s

The official website of this lottery game offers up-to-date results for both the ongoing live session and the previous day’s contests. Except on Sundays, the site updates the initial round outcomes at 4:10 PM and the subsequent round outcomes at 4:45 PM every day. Beyond providing real-time updates, the platform furnishes comprehensive details about the game, including its rules, historical context, frequently drawn numbers, past outcomes, and effective winning tactics.

For added convenience, we present the latest figures right here. Users can effortlessly browse through tabs on the website to view today’s outcomes and those from previous days. Moreover, visitors can choose to subscribe to email or SMS notifications for the most recent updates. Below, you’ll discover the recently announced winning numbers.

How does Shillong TEER play?

The game action begins at 3:30 pm when archers gather on the archery grounds. These archers need to pay Rs 300 for the day to participate in the Shillong TEER game. Fifty archers are allowed in the game to shoot 30 arrows each at the target of 50 meters away. When arrows are counted, the Shillong TEER Results of the day are declared by the teamThe result is always declared in two-digit numbers that hit the target.

Players can easily buy tickets to participate in Shillong TEER. The cost of the ticket is Rs 300, and the winner is awarded Rs 8,000. Keep in mind that Shillong TEER has a dark side because it may become an addiction for you.

How people choose a number to participate in the Shillong TEER Lottery

If you are thinking about participating in the Shillong TEER lottery game, then here are expert tips for you to place a bet. People can either choose the lottery number randomly or even choose their dreamy number to place a bet. Here are the several factors that help you to choose the Shillong TEER lottery number

  • If you see women in your dream, then you should choose number 05
  • If you see men in a dream, you should choose the 06 number
  • If women and men are quarrelling, then you should choose the 13-number
  • If you have an erotic dream, then you must choose the 17-number

In Shillong, basically, people can take a dream and play the lottery. But it is all about luck, so choose any number that you want to choose, and try your luck.

How Shillong Teer Result is Calculated?

1. Calculation Process

The Teer result isn’t just a random number. It’s calculated with precision. After the archers shoot their arrows, the number of arrows that hit the target is counted. This count is then used to determine the winning number, also known as the “shillong teer result.”

2. Weather and Nature

Believe it or not, the weather and nature play a role in Teer results, affecting the “shillong teer result.” Rain, wind, and other natural factors can impact how accurately the archers shoot.

3. Role of the ‘Dreams’

In this game, dreams can greatly influence the “shillong teer result.” Many players believe that their dreams hold clues to the winning number, further adding to the mystique of the “shillong teer result.”

4. The Target Number

After counting the arrows, the winning number is created. This number is often a two-digit figure. For example, if 567 arrows hit the target, the winning number would be 67. It’s a simple yet intriguing process.

5. Second Round Matters

Shillong Teer has two rounds – the first is where archers shoot at the target, and the second involves a similar process but with a different set of archers. Both rounds contribute to the final result and make it an exciting and dynamic game.

How to play Shillong TEER

As you know, Shillong TEER is a lottery game in which tickets are between Rs 1 and Rs 100. Players can simply buy the tickets to play it. Sales of tickets start in the morning at 10 am, Monday to Saturday.

  1. While playing Shillong TEER, players should guess the arrows shot by 50 archers in 1st and 2nd rounds at a lottery playground in 2 minutes.
  2. Meghalaya has around 5,000 tickets counter distributed to 11 districts
  3. In one day, the players should guess the last two digits of an entire number of shot arrows and hit the target. The lottery winner is an individual who predicts the number correctly
  4. Every day, 50 archers shoot a total of 30 arrows in 1st around and the remaining 20 arrows in 2nd round

Culture of Shillong TEER Results

Shillong TEER is not only a game; it is a culture among the Shillong people.

  • Teer associations

In Shillong, it is not played only in isolation, and it is well organized by official teer associations. These associations engaged people to participate in Shillong TEER and enjoy lottery games. The team manage the betting customers and creates a community sense.

  • Role in the social fabric of Shillong

Shillong TEER is not only beyond the lottery game; it is also associated with targets and arrows. It allows people from different backgrounds to participate in the Shillong TEER lottery, set targets, hit arrows and get a chance to win lottery winning numbers. In fact, it allows people to make friends and share bonds while participating in lottery games.

  • Traditional Rituals

Shillong TEER shares their own rituals and beliefs. Many people believe that Shillong TEER results are affected by dreams and nature. The person they see in their dreams decides which number they bet in Shillong TEER lottery games. So, people’s beliefs are based on games. On the other hand, people also think it is a game of luck and seek blessings from spirits.

  • Teer and Music

Music is another aspect that shows the Shillong culture. On the other hand, the Shillong TEER lottery game also shows the culture in which a number of people engage. At the Shillong TEER competition, live music performances are held that boost the player’s experience.

  • Teer and Festivals

Shillong TEER is not only limited to lottery games but also plays a vital role in festivals. The teer competitions are held during festivals in Shillong. It leads to festivity and excitement among people for cultural events.

  • Respect Toward Archers

Shillong TEER archers are not only players; they are local heroes. People are inspired through their dedication and skills. The Shillong TEER culture gives huge respect to archers.

How do Shillong TEER results evaluate

If you participate in the Shillong TEER lottery, you may be curious to know about its results calculation process. So, let us dive into how Shillong TEER results are calculated.

  • Calculation process

Shillong TEER results are not a random number. It is properly calculated by experts. After archers shoot arrows in the game, the number of arrows that hit the target is counted, and then the results are declared. The results are declared on the basis of the count that hit the target. The Shillong TEER results are referred to as the winning number.

  • Nature and Weather

Yes, you sound heard. The weather and nature also affect the Shillong TEER results. Wind, Rain, and other natural aspects affect the archer shoot and determine the results.

  • Based on Dreams

In the Shillong TEER game, dreams also affect the result. Many people think that what they see in their dream, either men or women, decides the number they will bet and affects their Shillong TEER results.

  • The Target number

After arrows are counted on the basis of hits, the winning number is determined. This number is a digit figure. For example, if 567 counts as hit targets by an archer, the winning number is 67, and Shillong TEER results are declared.

  • Second Round Matters

There are two rounds of every Shillong TEER game. The first round is where the archers shoot and hit the target, and the second round is the same process but with different archers. Both rounds evaluate and determine results. This process makes the Shillong TEER lottery an exciting game.

A way to check Shillong TEER results online.

If you bet on Shillong TEER, then here is the best way to check results online

  • Visit the Shillong TEER official website,
  • Tap on the Shillong TEER results section
  • Select the round and date for which you want to check Shillong TEER results.
  • Tap on the Submit Button
  • The results will shown on your screen

Conclusion Shillong Teer Result Today Know the latest Result  

Shillong TEER lottery game is of a dynamic nature and engages archers to play it most. It is an addiction for people because of its interesting features. Playing this lottery game is associated with the culture of the Shillong people. After placing a bet, you can visit the official Shillong TEER website to check the results.


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