Revised Merit List of Eligible Candidates of Class IV Posts

JKSSB Notification

Revised Merit List of Eligible Candidates-Withdrawal of Provisional
Selection List of Class IV Posts – reg
1. Whereas a Provisional Selection List-cum-Allocation of Cadres for 3200 Class IV
Posts was notified vide No SSB/Secy/Sel/Class-IV/2021/4074-80 dated: 25-04-
2022 for seeking objections/representations, if any from the candidates; and
2. Whereas, before issuance of the aforesaid Provisional Selection List-cumallocation of Cadres, it was necessary to notify the Revised Merit List of Eligible
Candidates, based on the recommendation of Document Verification
Committees with reference to the weightages due for respective parameters
prescribed under the provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Appointment to
Class IV (Special Recruitment) Rules 2020, in order to maintain transparency
and ward off unnecessary litigation, if any; and
3. Whereas, it was also necessary to indicate/display the cadres against which a
candidate has been shortlisted and shall be accorded consideration during the
preparation of selection lists for of each Cadres; and
4. Whereas, it was also noticed that some candidates were inadvertently omitted
in the aforesaid Provisional Selection List due to technical reasons during data
analysis; and
5. Whereas, the Selection Committee has prepared the Revised Merit List of
Eligible Candidates after taking into account remarks/ recommendations of the
Document Verification Committees and scrutinizing the documents submitted
by the candidates, for seeking additional weightages as prescribed under rule


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