NRA will conduct Common Test for all Central Govt. Exams

Common Eligibility Test for all Central Government Exams.

Landmark decision taken by the Narendra Modi Govt. in favour of all the students across the country who are seeking jobs in various fields. It has been decided that a single National Recruitment Agency (NRA) will be set up which shall conduct preliminary test for all Central Govt. exams. There are about 20 Recruitment agencies at the centre and each of these agencies recruit students from the length and breadth of this country by holding separate exams. With the coming of NRA, recruitment of students will be eased up and process will be streamlined and that would be beneficial for both Indian Govt. and students. Let us learn some basic things about NRA and some questions like why this was created and how it would be helpful for students when there were multiple agencies at the centre.

Why National Recruitment Agency (NRA)?

It has been observed that more than 2.5 crore aspirants fill up forms every year and out of these only 1.25 lakh aspirants make it to the Govt. Jobs. About 1.5 lakh vacancies are created in the Central Govt. exams every year.  Now imagine you are a job seeker and you want to try in multiple exams like SSC (Staff Selection Commission), IBPS (Institute of Banking Personal Selection) and RRB (Railway Recruitment Board). What will you do?

You fill up forms for all these boards by paying fees separately and prepare for the exams. Now you find that syllabus of SSC is a bit different from IBPS and Railways. You strangle your veins more and exert yourself for these and at the end of the year your exam of SSC clashes with the IBPS. What would you do?

You make a choice, obviously. To rectify this problem once and for all a common eligibility test (CET) will be conducted by the NRA which shall save your money and remove your strains linked to the different syllabus of these different exams. Apart from that this will also speed up the process of recruitment.

Benefits of Common Eligibility Test (CET)

One good thing about Common Eligibility Test (CET)  is that is its score will be valid for 3 years that means you can prepare for SSC, IBPS and Railways on the basis of one single test for three years. This CET will be conducted twice a year and you have the choice to improve yourself if you are not satisfied with the previous score. This single test can save your money and improve your mental balance by making you focus on one single exam.

This test will happen for all standards viz. 10th, 12th and Graduation Based (CHSL, SSC, IBPS, and RRB etc.). All Group B, C & D posts (non-gazetted) will be covered by this exam.

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Will other recruitment agencies be abolished?

It has been decided that all the recruitment agencies will come under the ambit of NRA but that doesn’t mean that these agencies will be abolished. NRA will come as a facilitating agency which shall conduct a preliminary test for these agencies only.

TIER-II and TIER-III exam will be conducted by these agencies again when the advertisement notice pops up after the CET. Although all the agencies are going to come under it but at the outset only SSC, IBPS & Railways are taken into consideration. In other words CET will happen for only these three tests in the initial stage.

Exams in Jammu
Union Minister Prakash Javadekar’s tweet on NRA.

Medium of the CET Exam

Earlier exam was conducted in two languages now it will be conducted in multiple languages (starting by 12 languages) as per 8th Schedule of the Constitution. It is a big boon for students now that they can take their exams in any of the language they are comfortable with. And exam will be taken online.

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New Exams centres to be opened

Another good news is that new exam centres will be opened and there will be an exam centre in almost every district. 117 Aspirational Districts are already on the radar where these centres will be opened for the ease of students.

From now on no aspirant have had to leave their district for taking their exams in urban areas. It is likely that CET will start from 2021. Earlier aspirants, especially poor and disabled ones had to cover a long distance for such exams. Opening of new centres will be a big advantage for them.

Money Spent on NRA

At the outset Union Cabinet has approved an amount of 1517.57 crore for the period of 3 years. This money will be used for establishing the National Recruitment Agency (NRA) and opening of new exam centres in the Aspirational Districts.

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Syllabus of CET exam

Syllabus of CET exam will be same for all. In other words one can say that syllabi disparity that earlier remained has been removed by the introduction of this exam. Now there will be only one preliminary exam for all these exams and students will be able to concentrate on one single syllabus for the first preliminary examination that is for TIER I exam.

Last words

This historic decision of the incumbent Govt. will not only bring ease in the recruitment process but also bring transparency in the system. Moreover it can also lessen the burden the state exchequer. All in all one can say that this will prove to be a boon for all the students who are seeking jobs in the Central Examinations. Apart from that State Governments has also been urged by the Central Governments to follow up the same system in their respective states. It will be a matter of time when there would be one common agency testing the capability of aspirants who are seeking jobs all across the country.


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