Famous tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir

famous tourist places in JAMMU & KASHMIR

Famous tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir

Our team has decided to provide of all famous tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir, here you will find famous tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir we have brought some famous tourist places, you can enjoy by travelling. The top most tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir. The most visited top places in Jammu Kashmir, some major tourist destination are patnitop gulmerg bhaderwah phalgham, bawa wali mata, mugal garden pari mahal Dal Lake is the beautiful lake.

Here you will find famous tourist places district wise this is part 1

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1 Samba District (City of Sheets)

famous tourist destination of samba district 

Samba district was forms in 2006. It is also known as land of Rajput warriors. Famous as land if Rajput warriors. Samba was principally established somewhere in 14400A.D. Malden the younger son of Rai Dev of Lakhanpur was found of Samba. Samba ultimately came under the supremacy of Jammu, during the period of Hari Dev in 1816A.D.Sucher Singh younger brother of Raja Gulab Singh was made of raja of Bandralta and Samba. Samba has been known for its 22 Mandies establish by suchet singh.

There are many Forts in Samba

Moharghar FORT, Dhergarh Fort, Bhupnergarh Fort and Samba Fort.

Shrines in samba Distrist

Baba Chamliyal shrine.  The holy Shrine of Baba Sidhgorian nath ji is 35 kms from Jammu in Samba at Swankha,

Baba sidgoriya shrine.  The holy Shrine of Baba Sidhgorian nath ji is 35 kms from Jammu in Samba at Swankha,

Narsingh Dev JI Temple a centuries old temple of Lord Vishnu situated at distance of only 300 Metres from National Highway at Ghagwal attracts thousands of pilgrims during Navratras and other occasions and is a major tourist attraction of the area.

Chichi Mata    According to the legend, the place, where the present day temple exists, the goddess sati’s smallest finger fell after she sacrificed herself in Yagya.

Mansar – Surinsar Lake

The Mansar Lake, situated 22 kms away from Samba is a beautiful lake fringed by forest-covered hills. The Mansar Lake is surrounded by small hills with different Hindu Gods and Goddesses Temples and also attracts a large number of tourists as well as religious pilgrims in the area.

Purmandal and utterbani it is also known as chotta kashi, on the bank of Devika.


2. Rajouri Districrt

Famous tourist destination Rajouri district 

Rajouri district was formed in 1968. It is also known as land of kings. According to Rajatarangini, Raja Trilochan Pal of Poonch gave a tough fight to Mahmood Ghaznavi who invaded this area in 1020 A.D. The Dogra dynasty ruled Poonch State from 1850 to 1947 till the traumatic events of partition of the country. In 1596, The Mughal Emperor Jahangir made Raja Siral-ud-Din Rathor. In 1850 A.D Dogra Raja Moti Singh laid foundation of Dogra Raj in Poonch. Moti Singh who served as the Prime Minister to Sikh Emperor Ranjit Singh was gifted Poonch as Jagir by the Sikh Emperor. The famous tourist places in Rajouri district are in given below. There are many forts

dandidar fort built by mian hathu 1855

Mangal Dei Fort

This splendid Fort is located on an arduous uphill in Mangal Dei village about 18kms away from Nowshera town. It is one of the largest Fort in District Rajouri which has a modern temple of Mangla Mata.

 chingus fort The ancient Chingus sarai dating back to 16th century A.D was used by the Mughals as the transit camp during their annual entourage to Kashmir and vice versa.


This is an important historical place right from the time of Mughals, who used to stay there during their journey from Delhi to Kashmir and vice-versa.

Tatta pani Tatapani is famous for Hot-water sulphur spring which has medicinal property to cure bone, joint and skin ailment.

sharda shrine of the most popular Muslim shrines in Jammu, Shahdra-Sharif is situated in Rajouri district and is approximately 177 km from Jammu.

mangla mata  Mangla Mata Dev Asthan is located about 70kms from Rajouri in village Bhawani of Tehsil Nowshera.

peer badha temple built by kanishka

3 Poonch District

Famous tourist places in Poonch district 

poonch at a Glance

“Kashmir-e-Sageer (Mini Kashmir)”

Poonch has had known history since epic age.

Ram Kund Temple

Ziarat Than Pir

It is situated in Tehsil Mandi at a distance of 43 kms in the north-east of Poonch town

Sheesh Mahal

It was most modern building of Poonch principality constructed by Raja Jagat Dev Singh (1927 to 1940) during Dogra period in between 1932 to 1936 AD.

Poonch Fort

It is a symbol of the heritage of Poonch District which is about 255 years old

Moti Mahal

It is one of the finest building of Poonch constructed in between 1926-1936 AD during the period of Dogra Rajas of Poonch principality.

Baldev Mahal

It is the oldest palace of Poonch constructed during Dogra period by Raja Baldev Singh (1892-1917). Raja Baldev Singh and Raja Sukh Dev Singh from 1904 to 1926 AD.

Ruins of Pandav’s Mahal

These are located in the village Sakhi Median in Mendhar Tehsil.

Noori Chamb water fall

It is located on the north east of Behram Gala village. Mughal Emperor Jahangir had visited this place for 13 times as per history during his visits of Lahore to Kashmir.

Pir ki Gali

Pir ki Gali is an attractive natural place located at 1140fts. Above the sea level exactly on the boundary of Poonch and Shopian.

Mughal Road

The Mughal road originated at the Mughal captital, Agra (in UP). It wound its way through Lahore (now in Pakistan) to Poonch, Rajouri and thence, to Srinagar in the valley.

Loran Valley

It is an important scenic spot of Poonch District which is located on renowned Tosh Maidan Road which leads towards Kashmir Valley

Than Pir

It is a very attractive meadow on the top of the ridge which is about 37kms in the east of Poonch.

4 Reasi District

Famous tourist places in district Reasi 


Reasi at a Glance

The name Reasi is derived from the town’s old name “Rasyal”. In the eighth century, Reasi was a part of the Bhimgarh state established by Bhim Dev. In 1810, during the rule of Diwan Singh, Jammu was under turmoil. Maharaja Ranjit Singh sent Gulab Singh to take control. Gulab Singh came down heavily on the rebels and established the rule of law.

Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine

Vaishno Devi shrine is located in the lap of Trikuta hills which is 13 Kms from base camp Katra, which is one of the prominent town of District Reasi and 63 kms from Jammu city. The Shrine is famous pilgrimage centre in Jammu And Kashmir State. It is managed by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board since 1986. Millions of Pilgrims from within and outside the country visit this holy place every year.

Shiv Khori (Ransoo)

Holy cave of Lord Shiva is situated at Shiv Khori (Ransoo). A large fair takes place on shivratri day which continues for three days

Aghar Jitto

Baba Aghar Jitto a spiritual devotee of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi. A farmer sacrified his life for getting due right share of agriculture crop from Jagirdar Bir Singh who denied to give the committed share.

Dera Baba Banda Bahadur

Dera Baba banda is another place of the tourist attraction. Baba Banda Singh was a famous saint soldier of Guru Govind Singh

The Bhimgarh Fort

This is an historical fort built by Gen. Zorawar Singh, the famous Dogra General who repelled the Chinese from Ladakh. The fort is built on the bank of River Anji at a hillock. It is also an attraction for the tourist visiting Reasi.

5 Kathua District

Famous tourist places in Kathua district 

Kathua at a Glance Chota Pahalgaon

Kathua District is located in the Jammu Province shouldering border with Punjab.

Sukrala Mata

The Most famous shrine dedicated to mother goddess is Sukrala Devi Shrine located at a distance of 9.60 Kms from Billawar and about 75 Kms from Kathua.

Nilakantheshwar Shiv Temple

The temple is situated in Airwan (15 Kms from Kathua). As legend goes, the ancient name of this place was Airavati

Fort of Jasrota & Jasrota Temple

Jasrota was founded by Raj Jas Dev of Jammu in 1019 AD and passed it on to his uncle Raja karan Dev. The rulers of Jasrota though were Jamwals but were called Jasrotias.

Hiranagar Fort

Raja Hari Singh is believed to have founded Hiranagar Town after his name when he was bestowed with the Jagir of Jasrota by Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab (1834-44 AD).

Basholi School of Painting

Basholi town is widely known for its paintings called Basholi paintings, which are considered to be the first school of Pahari paintings, and which evolved into the much prolific Kangra paintings school by mid-eighteenth century.

Ranjit Sagar (Thein) Dam

Hydro-electric Project (Thein Dam) 30 Kms from Kathua is being developed as centre for water sports activities.   JAMMU KASHMIR JOBS UPDATE


It is situated on the right bank of River Ravi at an altitude of 1876 ft. and is 66 Kms from Kathua. It was founded by Raja Bhupat Pal in 1635.


Bani (63 Kms from Kathua) is a small glaciated valley located at a height of 4200 ft in the lap of lofty mountains. Town Bani is flourished along the river ‘SEWA’. Bani experiences temperate and cold type of climate.

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